January 02, 2015 • Type Player 3

Delighted to announce the selection of two of my typographic projects for the Type Player 3 book by Sandu Publishing Co., which takes an entirely fresh look at the extraordinary typography design today, Whether client-based commissions or experimental exercises, the numerous examples are to demonstrate how these designers challenge traditional limitations and push at the boundaries of typographic conventions.


October 22, 2014 • For Print Only

Honored to be selected & featured in FPO (For Print Only) by UnderConsideration. Their mission is to celebrate the reality that print is not dead by showcasing the most compelling printed projects. See more


October 03, 2014 • Creativity Squared

I have a fresh new set of Business cards. Yep, and they are squared, made out of Four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine paper, sandwiched together and with a different design/story on everyone. They were designed with the idea of reflect my personality, from Playful, Adventurous, professional and with sense of creativity and passion for what i do every day. Let's exchange them, let's collaborate, let's do business, let's start a conversation. Cheers!


August 04, 2014 • IdN v21n2: Minimalist Issue

Honored to be featured in the Minimalist Issue of the “International Designers Network” IDN Magazine, along with World Class Artists that i admire and respect such as Mágoz, Steve Rura, Michal Bohdankiewicz, roadsworth, Vallée Duhamel, Timothy Goodman… Get a copy, More info and pics at cr-eate.com/news

100 pages | 6 varying paper stocks | 4C process + matt lamination + UV varnish

Buy a copy!


July 04, 2014 • Un Sentimiento, un País... Nuestro Sueño

This piece was created with much love and respect for you, Mi Selección Colombia. Thank you for putting your hearts and passion in the football field and bringing us this far. Thank you James Rodriguez for leading our team with your playmaking brilliance and making us dream. Let’s Keep this dream alive, let’s make history.


Jan 09, 2014 • pFunk Media

Had a Fun radio interview and talk about typography and CR-eate with the ladies from @pfunkmedia at @klangbox FM.

LAB Report is a radio show and podcast that showcases the arts, education, entrepreneurship and technology communities in South Florida and hosted by pFunk Media’s Camila Souza and Pabla Ayala.

It was nice meeting you Camila, Pabla, Daphney, Steff Vidal of Tropicult and Yuval Offir of YoSpace.
Photo by: Daphney Dalla


Nov 30th, 2013 • Taking Action

Please take a look at my latest commissioned typographic installation "Taking Action" at the main entrance of the The LAB Miami - a campus for social and tech innovation, an entrepreneurial community of creatives that learn, act & build together. The LAB Miami It's located in the The Wynwood Arts District in Miami, home to over 70 Art Galleries, Retail Stores, Antique Shops, Eclectic Bars, and one of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world.

Photo by Vlopz


Oct 30th, 2013 • Great Idea Petite Typeface

honored to have 8 pages showcasing my environmental design and experimental typographic work in “Great Idea Petite Typeface” book, along great ninja designers such as Losiento, Ben Johnston, Stefan Sagmeister among others.

Publisher: Designerbooks
ISBN: 978-988-12231-2-8


Sep 30th, 2013 • Colombia to Share

Privileged to be featured in www.colombiatoshare.com, a space dedicated to share the Colombian talent to the rest of the world. Check it out!


Sep 25th, 2013 • Creatives Rising

Honored to be selected for “Creatives Rising” a digital exhibition in New York City, celebrating the work of creatives from across the globe.

Saturday October 5th, 2013 | 6pm - Midnight
26-19 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101


Sep 24th, 2013 • Typography Served

Honored to be featured on the front page of www.typographyserved.com, a platform that features creatives that promotes new thinking, selecting only a small number of projects, With many thousands to choose from.


July 10th, 2013 • The Story of the Creative exhibition

Honored to be selected for “The Story of the Creative” Exhibition in one of the most exquisite venues in New York City. This collection of work features a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations. The work displayed will include sculpture, works on paper, check it out!

July 25th - September 10th
Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002


May 10th, 2013 • 100 typographic posters International Exhibition, China

Honored to be invited to showcase my work at the Gallery of The Beijing institute of Graphic Communication, as part of the 100 typographic posters International Exhibition, Opening Ceremony: Saturday, May 11, 2013. 10am. My work will explore and underline how much we take our products as an evidence, totally loose of its source. Most of us buy and use so many clothing and products without ever thinking about their country of origin and the journey these goods make, before they eventually are displayed in our shops. …Because glamorous goods aren't made in glamorous factories!

Exhibiting along the best typographic ninjas worldwide (Rick Valicenti, Stefan Sagmeister, Artur Rebelo, Li Xu & Qin Zou, Nan Chen, Yansong Li…)


March 29th, 2013 • Featured on 'Good Idea Two" Book

Zurisimo, an identity created by Camilo Rojas for zurich based boutique was selected and featured in the book 'Good Idea Two" by Hightone Book.
ISBN: 978-986-88678-0-2 | Press: hightone book | size/medium: 185*225mm


March 21st, 2013 • Featured on "Take My Time: Creative Calendar Design" book

Honored to be selected and featured in the book "Take My Time: Creative Calendar Design" published by Chois Publishing, which brings together a collection of the most creative calendar designs from the world. It highlights more than 112 distinguished works with detailed and comprehensive classification plus an innovative book cover. This is a delightful book for anyone who wants to explore the universality of calendar design.


December 2nd, 2012 • LoKal on BranD Magazine “OrganicISM”

Honored to be selected and featured in BranD Magazine “OrganicISM” 200 page Issue, which showcases the brand design works and design initiatives that are fascinated by natural organisms and the concept of organic. Across all the elements that are included within Brand Design, they want to present to the readers: how the idea of organic is interpreted by the whole world of Brand Design, how our commercial world is being shaped by the growing organic products/brands and market, what is the natural belief behind “organic” and how is it interpreted culturally in the commercial world.

[BranD] is a bimonthly English-language internationally distributed magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world. [BranD] informs and influences a wide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases, concepts and trend leading visions.

published by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd.


April 18th, 2012 • LoKal Miami on notcot

Honored to be featured on the front page renowned creative community NOTCOT, showcasing the project created for neighborhood burger joint LoKal Miami.


April 9th, 2012 • Enjoy on Art Served

Honored to be featured on the front page of www.artserved.com, a behance's platform that features creatives that promotes new thinking, selecting only a small number of projects, With many thousands to choose from.


March 1st , 2012 • Design Indaba 2012 Conference | Cape Town, South Africa

Fortunate to attend Design Indaba 2012 Conference and listening to great speakers and creative individuals, and left really inspired by designer, activist and agitator committed to promoting change "Porky Hefer". “This talk is not to change the world, but rather to offer some words of encouragement,” declared Porky starting his presentation

Calling himself a “brand interventionist”, Hefer believes in demonstrating rather than describing. As a creative doer, Hefer is all about keeping things simple and solving problems.


February , 2012 • Book of Creation, France

Honored to have my designs selected and showcased on the "Book of Creation" a new journal dedicated to the digital image in all its forms and showcasing the best artists around the world in one book.

honoré de etre sélectionnés par Book Of Creation, une nouvelle revue dédiée à l’image numérique sous toutes ces formes, à resembler les meilleur artistes du monde entier en un seul ouvrage.


December 09, 2011 • Excellent | International Design Yearbook 2011

Honored to have my packaging designs selected and showcased on the "International Design Yearbook 2011 book" reflecting the overall style and design level of international graphic design industry. The book is published every year by Madison Series, one of the largest and most influential companies dedicated to showcasing international advertising and design.


November 08, 2011 • 80” OF ART ALUMNI ART AUCTION

Honored to have contributed and exhibited two of my photographs at the 80” of Art Alumni Auction in celebration of the school’s 25 year anniversary and hosted and presented by the Sagamore Hotel with at least seventy-five participating artists, among which are Hernan Bas, Bert Rodriguez, and Mike Vasquez. Read more here and here

Thank you Jaric Urbaez for the pics, more coming soon ;)


October 16th, 2011 • TWOFOLD Magazine

Honored to be selected and featured in TWOFOLD Magazine a United Kingdom based magazine created out of love for everything illustration and typography, showcasing some of the world's best talent!

Check out the other artists!


October 10th, 2011 • Austria

Honored to be featured on the front page of www.photographyserved.com a behance's platform that features creatives that promotes new thinking, selecting only a small number of projects, With many thousands to choose from.

Now, Put on your thermals, follow the mercury as low as it can go and take a look at this hot spot, Winter/Austria.


September 05, 2011 • 365 days of design

Delighted to announce the selection of my typographic calendar for the book "365 days of design" creative calendar solutions, selected by Marc Gimenez, and published by Monsa publications.

ISBN: 978-84-15223-10-8
Layout: 21,5 X 25,5 cm | Pages: 192
Cover: Softcover + flaps | Languages: ENG, SPA

More info and video!


August 15th, 2011 • B Alternative • Ancient & Modern Medicine logo design

Excited to present to you the selected logo for B Alternative • Ancient & Modern Medicine, based in Miami Florida and led by Dr. Carly Cabeza

Art direction and wordmark by Camilo Rojas
Illustration by Victor Vazquez


July 13th, 2011 • “Young Blood: So Fresh.” Exhibition

Honored to be selected for this year's exhibition at the Flagler Arts Space “Young Blood: So Fresh.” It opens to the public during Wynwood’s Art Walk on Second Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 7-10 PM, and will be on view until September 3, 2011 | For more info


July 13th, 2011 • Love Earth 100 Eco Ideas + 100 Eco Designs book

I'm honored to share with you i have been selected as one of the 100 worldwide eco-designers featured in the book Love Earth: 100 Eco Ideas + 100 Eco Designs, by Victio:nary.

100 eco-ideas is a prelude to 100 eco-designs. It is a body of creative and sensible proposal contributed by a bevy of visionaries from around the world.

"The book is an ode to green design—the cover is even made from the recycled scraps from the bookmaking process. Inside its cover, the volume starts with a mini-book featuring 100 Eco Ideas, green tips and suggestions solicited from the public and illustrated by Guillaume Kashima. The rest of the book features 100 eco-designs that range from products to packaging. While some are green in their use (or reuse) of materials and their innovative processes, some simply remind you to be conscious of the environment with their quirky, sometimes strange perspectives"

BOOK SPEC: 288 pages / 185 x 245mm
Released: June 2011 / English edition
Full colour throughout / Softcover / ISBN 978-988-17327-5-0


July 4th, 2011 • Type Player 2 book

Delighted to announce the selection of my typographic projects for the Type Player 2 book, which takes an entirely fresh look at the extraordinary typography design today, including work ranging from editorial, illustration, fashion, hand-made to environment. Whether client-based commissions or experimental exercises, the numerous examples are to demonstrate how these designers challenge traditional limitations and push at the boundaries of typographic conventions. It will be an indispensable source of inspiration for designers and creatives alike.

Author: Sandu Cultural Media
Basic Informatiion: Binding:Hardcover / Size:210*285mm / Page:256p


June 30th, 2011 • Underconsideration

Honored to be selected and featured on underconsideration, major design blog Chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis.


June 20th, 2011 • No One Missing! Play fonts book

I had the honor of being featured in 6 pages of this great publication which focus in showcasing the latest and cutting-edge designs inspired by applications and creations of various illustrations, graphics, patterns and fonts selected from some talented designers and artist worldwide.

190x260mm, 256pages by Dopress Books


May 5th, 2011 • Flavor at Museum of the Printing Arts Leipzig

Honored to have been selected for the current exhibition at The Museum for the Printing Arts Leipzig, Germany as part of their Exhibition “Typography in Contemporary Art” taking place from May, 8th – July, 17th 2011

The ambition of this exhibition project is to show the omnipresent existence of lettering in daily life and its influence on public perception. Typography and lettering in context of art opens quite a new perspective to the topic - for laymen, art connoisseurs, as well as professionals in graphic design.

learn more here


May 2nd, 2011 • Karma Magazine

Delighted to announce the selection of my photographs under the "Desire" concept for he Karma Magazine, a digital mag that wants to expose and share the works of differents artists inside the media of design, ilustration and photography.


April 15th, 2011 • 3D Type Book

Great creative news today, 6 pages featuring my work has been published in the 3D Type Book along great designers including Sagmeister Inc, Vaughan Oliver, Milton Glaser, Alvin Lustig, & many more. ;)

It features lots of interesting ways various designers have constructed handmade typefaces and letter forms and it is described as "the most comprehensive showcase of three-dimensional letter forms ever written".

Explore it here!


March 12th, 2011 • Honey Shine Mentoring Program

It was an honor to be invited to join the great team of the annual mentoring program for young children at New World School of the Arts, facilitating them in creating artwork based on a theme. Our job was to create on a one-on-one basis covering fundamental art and design concepts, computer layout programs and various other media including painting, photography and collage.

Visit the Honey Shine Mentoring Program website ;)


March 4th, 2011 • The Sleeping Giant, China

Allow me to invite you to check my new photo project, captured with an iPhone during my visit to china in 2009.

Solemnly and slowly, with his index finger extended, Napoleon Bonaparte outlined a great stretch of country on a map of the world.

"There," he growled, "is a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! If he wakes, he will shake the world."


December 31th, 2010 • Happy holidays!

December is here, and the world is getting nostalgic as we end a decade. Normally, people have this habit of fixing their gaze on the future, looking for the next best thing. But today, i would like to stop and take a little bit of your time to extend my gratitude to all of you, by creating and showing this self initiated project, created using a found wood panel, colored duct tape and filmed with my small iphone but with a big positive intention.

Thank you my friends for your support and for being part of my life this year. Keep Dreaming my ninjas, are you ready?

Dream (Paris) from camilo rojas on Vimeo.


December 15th, 2010 • Zoom-Zoom / Mazda

This is one of the 9 illustrations commissioned for Italian magazine Zoom-Zoom / Mazda. The illustrations were showcased across a 424 x 276mm spread and featured places such as the Triennale Bovisa, the Bosisa district The Straf Hotel and Mr. Ikuo Maeda, the design chief at Mazda Motor Corp.


November 10th, 2010 Photographic Playground

This is a self initiated ongoing photo journal where every photo I take tells the story of a recent quote that I have read or captures a personal life experience.

This journal may be filled with equal parts of irony, playful attitude and positive humor, in order to raise a smile, to incite reflection, and to favor an enlightened conscience.

Explore it here!


October 17th, 2010

As you all probably know, I've been living in Paris for the past 6 months: loving the city, and missing my loved ones terribly, but most importantly knowing that being creative means living a creative life.

I'm living the success of doing what i love, meeting joy, passion, love, & sailing away from the safe harbor to continue with my work in progress of creating, entertaining and embracing you through positive change
and attitude. I created this e-mail, first to say hello; also, to show you some of the projects that i've been involved with lately and to keep our contact.

Explore More...


October 2nd, 2010

I've been putting together a gallery of works, explorations, and things i've created for the sheer delight of doing them, trying to be spontaneous, with a playful attitude, some, engaging the public space, with the simple idea of providing an alternative to the monotony of routine, raise a smile, and why not, incite reflection...

Explore it here!


September 20th, 2010

Featured in great online publications, thank you guys!

Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography.

I love sticky tape is dedicated to the art and times of sticky tape, which also goes by the names - sello tape, packing tape, gaffer tape and masking tape. It may be of interest to anyone interested in stationery, catching flies, art or design.


September 10th, 2010

Featured as Guest of the month in online magazine trendyfreddy


September 1st, 2010

flattering and exciting news!

Recently, I had the pleasure of being featured on the website Untitled32.com, a virtual designed based publication for students and by students. For their August 2010 edition, the website highlighted NWSA visual arts faculty Rosario Martinez-Cañas and myself as part of the NWSA arts alumni. Check out what Rosario and myself have to say about our career and vision.


August 14th, 2010

Excellent news! The book "Typography Today" is featuring some of my work, actually around 12 pages sharing my projects. it's great to be in the same publication among amazing designers like Vaughan Oliver, Cooky Yoon, and Ethan Parkthat etc, we've been using different materials to manipulate and give a new meaning to type. The book explores the work of different innovative artists that "defy accepted conventions, using food, fabric, wood, metal, plastic and more to enhance their work. Attention is paid not only to form, but to the materials used to construct letters and numbers, with whimsical and playful results." One way to call it Type without limits!

Format:210 X 260 mm / 380 page
publishing company : ART POWER


July 25th, 2009

I recently finished creating this logo as a pro bono logo collaboration for "The Key Clubhouse of South Florida." This organization does a wonderful work by promoting social and vocational well-being. Their mission lies in giving opportunities to those people affected by mental illnesses, to recover meaningful and productive lives through reintegration in the workplace and the community.

You can find more information and how to help this organization by visiting their website: www.keyclubhouse.org


June 2nd, 2010

Great news today. My work has been featured along great designers as Amandine Alessandra, Stefan Sagmeister, Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne, asa~ama, Autobahn, Huda Abdul Aziz, Andrew Byrom, Rhett Dashwood, Keetra Dean Dixon, Oded Ezer, Hikaru Furuhashi, Typeworkshop, and many many more.

Can you really compare experimental 3D typography – like lettering made of live moss or letter kites that fly messages in the sky – to the work of Gutenberg? If you ask Jeanette Abbink, Emily CM Anderson and the over 100 international designers, typographers and artists featured in 3D Typography, the answer is a resounding yes.

Via @MichaelSurtees, a review of the book 3D Typography, "... this book captured something that most books dealing with images found on the internet miss on - timelessness."



January 30th, 2010

Just finished the first pro bono design for this year: Camp Courage's logo

Camp Courage, a 6-week summer camp program, will provide a safe and structured environment during the summer for Miami’s urban youth. The children will have an opportunity to participate in well-run, positive activities that help them grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Affiliated with UrbanPromise International, Camp Courage Miami will expand UrbanPromise’s mission and grant these children a means to build a path to a brighter future, not only for themselves… but for the future of the Miami community!


December 31st, 2009

It's December 31st, and the world is getting nostalgic as we end a decade. Normally, people have this habit of fixing their gaze on the future, looking for the next best thing. But today, i would like to to stop and take a little bit of your time to remember 2009 and extend my gratitude to all of you, my friends for your support and for being part of my life this year.

In 2009 I...


November 15th, 2009

Travel in Swatch MTV Playground.

After coming back from a wonderful travel experience in Asia, I found myself with great news in my mailbox from Swatch MTV Playground: a copy of the printed material showcasing my work along with other winning pieces of this creative community.

A piece of my work (Travel :: Things to do in 2009) was included, and distributed at several events for Swatch MTV Playground, a community that connects the most exciting and innovative creative talent from across the globe. According to Swatch MTV Playground "We feel this piece of work is original and exciting, and successfully brings to life the energy and spirit of Swatch MTV Playground." The piece will be displayed at the events alongside established artist work, plus will be made available as a limited edition poster and postcard which will be given away free of charge at these events as well as at selected Swatch stores across Europe.

Swatch MTV Playground is staging a series of events around Europe and Asia to showcase some of the best and most original work that’s been uploaded to swatchmtvplayground.com. Events will be taking place in Greece (Athens), Switzerland (Luzern), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Spain, Germany (Berlin), Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Seoul) and China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou). Some of these events will also be filmed for MTV programming to be shown all around Europe and Asia!


October 9th, 2009 Icograda Here I come…
Very excited to confirm my attendance to this year’s Icograda Design Conference along my fellow designers and faculty from New World School of the Arts. The biennial Icograda World Design Congress will be held in Beijing, China for the first time. From 24-30 October 2009, Feeling very lucky to be one of the few people from the states to be able to attend and take advantage of this amazing conference. I have everything ready, tickets, hotel, check check… Looking forward to meeting lots of fellow designers and people from the creative industry; can’t wait to be there, hit me up if you are going!


September 12th, 2009

I was recognized on Wednesday, September 9th, by Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin, as the winner of the "Keep our beaches clean" Poster Design Contest. Sponsored by the City of Miami Beach, in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, ECOMB, A Better Miami Beach and GreenRocks, the contest is an effort to educate Miami Beach residents and visitors about the harmful effects of litter on our beaches.


New World School of the Arts Press Release
The Miami Herald
El Nuevo Herald


July 12th, 2009

I finished the logo for the Young 2 Store in China. The idea of opening this store came from the inspiration of Eric Chin and his sister. They wanted to have a place where young couples about to get married could find the perfect gowns and suits for their big day. The store rents gowns and suits and it also offers a dressing up service, which guides you through the process of selecting a gown or suit and looking your best.

The store name Young 2, also means square young, representing two young people who are about to get married and want to dress up, looking young staying young and looking their best for this special day.


June 12th, 2009

Very excited after receiving the Type Player book, which features some of my work. This book looks to show that type is everywhere: from posters and book covers to t-shirt prints and signage. Yet, despite its ubiquitousness, it is still one of the elements of design that is played with the most. The fact that those who design with type must work within the constraints of the alphabet seems only to inspire more and more spirited, irreverent and inventive uses of its basic shapes and symbols. Type Player is a celebration of these innovators, and of the surprising and varied work that they create.

Type Player

ISBN 978-988-18058-3-6
Author: Sandu Cultural Media
Basic information: 210*285mm, binding edition, 256 pages, English
List Price: US$ 48 / copy


January 8th, 2009

Great creative news: My work was featured in Behance’s Top 10 Typographic Works of 2008, by Behance’s Chief of Design, Matias Corea. ;)

Buena Nueva para empezar el año. Mi trabajo fue seleccionado dentro de los 10 trabajos tipográficos más importantes del 2008 en Behance, por Matias Correa, Jefe del departamento de diseño del mismo!

Learn More


December 8th, 2008

Tomorrow I start working on a very special project: Macy’s stores has put me in charge of designing their Holiday Window display at their South Beach Store, which looks to bring a message of hope and the holiday spirit. Looking forward to experimenting with typography!

Update: Check out the results


May 15th, 2008 :: Xposed 2008 Student Gold Award

Great news, I've being Awarded with the Xposed 2008 Student Gold Award.

The Xposed 2008 exhibition is a biennial juried showcase of graphic design sponsored by the Miami Chapter of the American Institue of Graphic Arts. Xposed 2008’s presentation of selected works showcases the best design work happening throughout Miami.

The selections were chosen by a panel of three judges, each representing diverse practices from a different part of the country, who voted anonymously. Each judge based their assessments on their own personal criteria for excellence in design.

See pictures from the Exhibition